abc, ‘/’, ‘div’, ‘rem’, ‘Atoms’


1- In erlang every line of code must ends with a dot (.)

2- Every variable in erlang must begin with an uppercase letter

3- When you need to make a division (4/2)  you always get a float number (2.0), if you want an integer you have to use ‘div’ (4 div 2 -> 2)

4- Remainder of a division is ‘rem’ (5 rem 2 -> 1)

5- An Atom is ‘something’ that is non-numeric … it must begin with lowercase letter and can contain ‘_’ or ‘@’ in the name. They can be quoted with a single quotation mark. What is its value? The Atom itself (?)

For example the atom ‘cat’ values cat (for the moment honestly I haven’t much clear why it’s useful … let me see in the future :))


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